Saturday 22 February 2014

Pit Stop

La Torretta is closed, for the second winter holiday,
always taken in the lull between Valentine's Day & Easter.

That means we have to go somewhere else for Saturday lunch.
So we decided to give Pit Stop, just off Piazza Padre Pio,
another visit.

It's nothing special from the outside & rather basic inside,
but it's family run & the family 'live above the shop'.

We last went in November, when La Torretta took its
first winter break. On that visit we both had rabbit stew,
& very good it was too.
No such luck today - there was chicken,
castrato (yes, bull's testicles - we HAVE tried them in the past,
but they are an acquired taste & not one we really wish to acquire),
 spaghetti bianco or gnocchi sorrentina.

We both settled for the gnocchi, with a sprinkling of
parmigiano on top to finish it off.

Not bad for €3,90 a dish, but nowhere near as
good as anything we've had at La Torretta.

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