Sunday 22 December 2013

Sparkle From The Inside

Never lose your inner sparkle

Yesterday I stood lusting after a dress in the
window of Missoni at the Cilento Outlet Village;
it was a short (but not too short) shift dress,
created from a slightly metallic bronze-coloured thread 
and as it caught the afternoon sun, it truly looked
stunning. It was only €456 rather than the
original price of €926 - and there would've been
at least a further 20% off that price as part of a seasonal

It would be the ideal dress to wear on Christmas Day 
for the next umpty ump years..........oh how I wanted it.

I dropped huge hints on how beautiful it was,
what a bargain it would be & how sparkly I would
look on Christmas Day.....
to which hubby responded with
"You don't need a sparkly dress, you sparkle from the inside".

It's the nicest thing he's said to me,

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