Sunday 1 December 2013

Arrivederci Novembre

Early morning clouds, 1st December

So we bid goodbye to November - it blew out in a grand finale
of gale force winds overnight, but was not
accompanied by the torrential rain that had been forecast.

It's been a mixed month weatherwise - we've had picnics on 
the beach - hubby has even swum in the sea at Ascea on a Sunday 
afternoon - & days when we've not been able to open all of the 
shutters because we didn't want them to blow off their catches. 
Stormy skies off Punta Licosa
We've been to Punta Licosa on the wildest of days, just to
stand in awe at the untamed sea as Mother Nature
does her worst & we've walked on
Pozzillo  beach in brilliant sunshine with
not a breath of breeze & relatively calm seas.
Spiaggia Pozzillo 
We had 48 hours of storms last weekend, when the
rains did lots of damage to local properties & 
washed away the end of our driveway.
We've also had more rainbows in a month than I 
can ever recall in our almost 3 years here.
Rainbow, 20th November
In all, I think this November has reverted to form in 
being the 'wet' month of the year &
hopefully this will mean a less harsh Winter.

But my abiding memory of November 2013 
will be of some of the most spectacular sunsets ever....
Sunset on 7th November

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