Sunday 29 December 2013

Saperi E Sapori

Last night we went into Santa Maria for the
annual post Christmas celebration, 'Saperi E Sapori',
an evening when there are food stalls galore,
chestnuts being roasted over an open fire
& Corso Matarazzo is dotted with
easels displaying photographs from a bygone era.

Weddings from years gone by
Rather than money being exchanged at each individual
food stall, there are a few 'casse' dotted about the narrow
streets, where you buy tickets for €1,50 each
& then exchange them when you decide what
culinary delights you'd like to try.
The evening's menu
Hubby & I decided we'd go for the traditional
fusilli - one of our favourite dishes whenever we
go to a sagra. Cilentan fusilli is much longer
than the type we were used to in the UK
& it doesn't take a very large portion to fill you up.

Fresh fusilli
There was a fish stall, where the day's catch was being deep fried
in the kitchen behind, as well as a pizza stall, 
stalls offering wine, water & cantuccini - twice-baked biscotti
Pesca fresca
- and, of course, a dolce stall (sorry, no pic, was too busy deciding
what to choose).
The whole Centro Storico was heaving - I swear every single one
of the 4000 residents had turned out.

And as we walked back along Corso Matarazzo, stopping to look
at the old photographs along the way, it felt good to
be part of Santa Maria's future history.
Memories of holidays past for the older generation

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