Monday 23 December 2013

Le Luce di Natale III

The 'main' feature in Santa Maria
This evening is 'Natale a' Marina' in Santa Maria -
a 'Presepi vivente' (live Nativity), lots of food
stalls & a chance to try a
panettone gelato for the first time.

As is usual for this part of the Cilento, 
it was organised chaos - lots of people
milling about in period costume,
lots of chatter but no-one seeming to 
know what they should be doing or when.
We didn't follow the piper down to the
stable, as we were too busy eating
our gelati, so we missed the
Presepi - oh well, we'll have to go to the
Twelfth Night celebrations in Castellabate
to see it.

But we did manage to bag a half-price
Perugina panettone from La Bufalina - result!

Corso Matarazzo
Oh, and the lights are pretty too, if a little sparse
this year.

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