Saturday 7 September 2013

San Marco Sagra di Paranza

San Marco port
A couple of weeks back hubby spotted on Cilento Notizie's website 
that there would be a sagra di paranza in San Marco this weekend 
- 2 evenings when we could watch the day's catch be landed 
at the port and then proceed to eat it. 
Gamberi don't come fresher than this  
 For those of you wondering, 'sagra di paranza' means
'feast of fish' and that is, literally, what this is.
Gamberi & alice abound, an open air kitchen is set up
& locals and tourists alike pay their 8 Euros each
for their 'completi', receive a ticket & then queue 
to receive this Italian version of 'fast food'.
Coating gamberi & alice in flour
Last night's sagra was quite a subdued affair compared to some 
we've been to in previous years, but it is the end of the 
holiday season & the only entertainment was watching the
fish being prepared & cooked. Zona Lago has a HUGE 
sagra at the start of the season - funfair, live bands - and
thousands of people turn up for that one.   
Alice fresh from the sea
Dinner is served
We were third in line for the food last night (not that we were
eager to eat, but the Italians tend to get their ticket then wander 
off) & were dished up the final 2 servings from the first cooking
 - never have we had such a fresh sagra cena.

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