Friday 13 September 2013

Friday the 13th

Venerdi il tredici
So today is Friday the 13th - that Friday when we dare bad luck to befall us &, if it does, we blame it all on the day & date. However, in Italy, 13 is considered lucky, although no-one seems to know precisely why. Here in Campania, people say 'tredici' when they consider their luck to have taken a turn for the worse - presumably in the hope of reversing their fortunes. But why, when Western culture usually considers 13 unlucky, does Italy differ?

Maybe study of the moon in ancient times & the realisation that there are 13 cycles of the moon in a year (a lunar month lasting only 28 days). This coincides with the female menstrual cycle & the ancient Romans most certainly were in awe of their Goddesses, both celestial & terrestrial.

Ancient cultures sanctified the number: the Egyptians believed life has 13 stages, the last of which is, obviously, death; in Israel 13 was also sanctified - maybe this is why 13 items were deemed necessary for the Tabernacle?

No-one can give a definitive answer as to why 13 is considered lucky here, but hey, the Italians love being different, so maybe that's why!

Lucky or not?

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