Friday 27 September 2013

A Return to England I

An English Sunrise 
So I'm now safely returned home after my week in the UK & I 
really did miss my early morning sunrises - standing in my old 
bedroom in the house I lived in from the ages of 11 to 19 & 
glimpsing it on my final morning there was nowhere near as 
breathtaking as standing on the terrace of Il Sogno

My flight to the UK was uneventful - the 'fun' began when we 
landed early.  I knew one of the guys from the office would be 
picking me up, I just didn't know who (our son was busy 
signmaking, so I knew it wouldn't be him). I whizzed through 
the passport scanner, my suitcase was about 20th
onto the baggage carousel & I was in arrivals before I knew it.
I scanned the faces of everyone waiting for passengers & failed to
register a familiar one among them. "Oh well, turn on the mobile, 
call the office & find out who drew the short straw" I thought to 
myself.  Only my mobile refused to co-operate - it steadfastly 
refused to connect me to a network.  I waited what seemed like 
forever before trying again but the mobile was
definitely being a male & my pleas for it to connect
were ignored.  So I enlisted the help of the guy on the
Tourist Information desk, who very kindly put out a
couple of calls for whoever was picking me up to come to the
desk.  What seemed like hours went by & no-one arrived.  One final
attempt at getting my mobile to connect, met by 
failure once more. 

Nothing for it but to beg the use of the Tourist guy's phone to call 
the office - Mark answered, so it wasn't him meeting me.  
I explained that my mobile wouldn't work, asked who was
picking me up & was told "Craig - he's there, hasn't he phoned 
you?" Typical male, not listening to me! I told Mark where I was;
he said he'd phone Craig to let him know.  Ten minutes later,
still no sign of Craig.  Another phone call to Mark, whose 
first words were, "I tried phoning you back". Grrr!!!

I had forgotten that Craig was a smoker so he was, of course,
standing outside in the Car Park where he could have
a cigarette or two (or more) while he waited for me. 
Finally, over an hour after I'd walked out of the baggage hall, I
got into the car & set off on my journey to the office.

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  1. LOL
    Whereas women always are at their best, always listen to what you say, are always at the right place and absolutely ALWAYS on time. No? ;-)