Saturday 28 September 2013

A Return to England III

This time last week I was just leaving Carluccio's in 
Leicester's Highcross; it's a place hubby & I used to 
have lunch every Saturday, where the food is almost
always good (we only had to complain & return a 
dish to the kitchen once in 2 years) & the staff are friendly.
It opened in September 2008 and we loved it
from that first lunch until we had our last lunch
there together 2 years later. 

That final lunch on Saturday 25th September 2010 was a bit of an 
emotional one - 5 days later we would be setting off from 
the UK for our new life in Italy. 
Many of the staff had become friends & there were 
lots of hugs when we left.

For me, Carluccio's is my 'little piece of Italy' when I return to
the UK - most of the staff from 3 years ago are
still there, so the place is full of familiar faces.
The menu varies slightly according to the
season, just as it would here in Italy, but
the Menu Fisso usually retains my 2 favourites:
Paté di Fegatini di Pollo and
Penne alla Luganica. Unless the 'Speciali'
offer anything unmissable, that is what I plump for
when I'm dining there alone.

Penne alla Luganica
And dining there alone is not the big ordeal I
once expected it to be - if I can get on a plane
from Naples to Stansted alone, having lunch in a
bustling restaurant is child's play.

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