Wednesday 20 August 2014

The 'Darth Vader' Bees

This morning, as I was standing on the terrace 
at 6.45, taking photos of the sunrise on my
Smartphone, two 'Darth Vader' bees whizzed past
at what seemed like breakneck speed.
They headed for the Lantana in the corner
of the front garden, so I hurried after them,
hoping to get at least a couple of usable shots
before they flew away.

I managed about half a dozen, then decided that 
it was time to get 'the big boy' out - my beloved 
EOS600D - and try some macro shots.

Breakfast time
The reason we've nicknamed them 'Darth Vader bees'
is because they are VERY black and VERY shiny and have a 
rather loud buzz as they fly around the garden;
although, on closer inspection, their wings are 
iridescent blue.....

Stained glass wings
Their proper name is the Carpenter Bee, and there are
500 species of them apparently.
Here's hoping they don't all turn up at once!

1 comment:

  1. Well those are some gorgeous bees. The wonders of nature.
    And yes let's hope those 2 are the only ones around there