Saturday 9 August 2014

Rock In Roma: Storming Bastille

So this is what we were in Rome for...
I can't believe it's 2 weeks ago already,
I'm still buzzing.
Accidentally buying those 2 tickets was
one of the most awesome things I've ever done
(hubby's the one who usually arranges 'awesome').

We've decamped from the Star Metropole in central Rome
& re-located to the Locanda delle Corse, just across
the road from the concert venue, Ippodromo Capannelle.

We've had dinner at the bar next door (and discovered that
the food came from the hotel's kitchen) - polpette, washed down
with a more than palatable vino bianco, and have 'claimed our spot'
in front of the stage, laying our picnic blanket out before
hubby decides he just HAS to have some fries
as he's still hungry.

The support act is George Ezra, and he's
a very talented musician, with a 
voice that belies his young years; in fact, 
when I first heard him after hubby Googled him
I was amazed to discover he was white.

At the end of his set, a few latecomers turned up -
OK, so the tickets did say it started at 21:45, but that
was the time Bastille were due on stage - they don't know 
what a great opener they missed.

Quick set change, a few flashing lights, complete
blackout for a few moments & then.....

The whole crowd erupted as they opened with
'Bad Blood' - there may only have been around
a thousand of us there, but boy, did we make some noise!

Dan has what I consider to be one of the most
amazingly haunting voices I've ever heard
and I threw myself into singing along & 
pogoing with the best of them - 57 on the
outside, going on 19 on the inside!

And when they performed 'Pompeii' 
as their encore, I was just totally blown away...

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