Thursday 5 June 2014

It Can't Be 33 Years Already........Can It?

As I said in my last blog post,
'Buona Festa della Repubblica' 
2nd June has been a significant date for the past 33 years.
Today is the second date which has been significant
for just as long.....
5th June 1981 was the date we met
at a party.

It doesn't feel like 33 years ago......
I still remember quite clearly leaving the party the
following morning, bottle of Bacardi in hand
as only hubby (obviously, he wasn't hubby then & at the time
I don't think he had any intention of becoming hubby)
and I had been drinking rum & my bottle was still unopened.
We were unceremoniously pushed out of the front
door by Jayne, my section head, 
who (unknown to me)
had designs on hubby for herself & didn't speak to me
for 4 days when we were back in the office.

In fact, I'm sure neither of us is old enough 
to have been together for 33 years; after all,
I'm still only 25 on the inside.

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