Friday 27 June 2014

First Pick of Summer 2014

We have a peach tree growing just outside
our bedroom window.
The fruit are white fleshed, flat peaches -
very common around here, but we'd never 
seen them before the summer of 2011,
when our tree bore a lot of fruit
(which the cinghiale thoroughly enjoyed at
2 am one morning - I heard them munching
as I made a trip to the loo).

Summer 2012 saw it bear the most fruit ever,
and Leila invented a game of 'jump up & bite the peaches' -
putting a net over the whole tree to stop her
just made the game more fun!

Then last year the tree succumbed to leaf curl &
although the fruit formed, they didn't grow. Also 
probably down to not having the usual month of
rain the previous November.

We have this week picked our first couple
of peaches from the tree....

Sadly, they may be the only ones - our
equine visitors of 17th June managed to 
munch their way through most of them.

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