Tuesday 29 July 2014

Roaming Roma: Seeing The Pope.....Sort Of

Sunset in Rome
It was our first evening in Rome & we'd set off 'a piedi' to meet 
Maria, the eldest sister of our friend Attilio. Needless to say,
we got lost, ended up getting a taxi, only to discover
that if we'd carried on walking for another 10 minutes
beyond Piazza Spagna, we could have saved ourselves
10 Euros.

Meeting up with Maria was like having our own 
private guided tour of the city - she was so full of enthusiasm
for Rome, the sights, the shops & life in general.
She walked us down to the Tiber (she called it 
'Roma's Thames') and that's when we got our first
glimpse of the dome of La Basilica di San Pietro, 
just as the sun had disappeared from view.
And I thought that was probably as close as we were
going to get to the Vatican.....but I was wrong.

Not only did I get to stand in Piazza San Pietro yesterday morning,
taking a 'selfie' with hubby, just to prove we'd been there....

Never thought we'd get here!

I also got a shot of the Pope!

Papa Francesco - he's awesome!

OK, so it's artwork on the wall at the Metro's Stazione Spagna,
but it's just so cool, isn't it?

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