Thursday 27 February 2014

Pancetta - Plain & Simple

I LOVE pancetta, absolutely love it!
In fact, I could eat pancetta every day of the week,
but hubby insists that would be a bit boring,
so I guess we have to 'ring the changes' occasionally.
But left to me, we'd eat MUCH more pancetta than we do.

Tonight we had pasta, pancetta & broccoli,
courtesy of a recipe posted by our gorgeous
Twitter daughter, Amy, a while back (find her blog here:

Once the pasta is bubbling away, it's time to 
turn thoughts to cooking the pancetta.
This evening we bottled the first of the
olive oil from our 2013 pressing

and used it for cooking - a little dribbled in the frying
pan & then the pancetta added once it was hot enough.
Quick stir in the frying pan, broccoli & carrots added to the
pasta pan (anything to save on the amount of
washing up to do later) and once the
broccoli is almost cooked, it's added to the 
pancetta for a quick stir.

Pasta & carrots drained & then added to the
frying pan for another quick stir before 
dishing up

Add a sprinkling of grated Grana Padano,
and 'ecco li qua'.......

Another plain, simple but oh so tasty dish

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