Sunday 2 February 2014

'Cheat's' Dinner

It has to be said that you really can't
beat a good, wholesome, homemade ragù.....
or can you?

The last time we called in at Carrefour in Pontecagnano,
they were promoting a range they'd just begun to stock,
Terre d'Italia. Hubby spotted it first and as soon
as I saw the jars of Tuscan ragù di cinghiale,
my eyes lit up - it's my favourite dish ever!
They also make ragù di lepre & ragù di cervo...
we grabbed jar of the cinghiale & the cervo
and then trawled the pasta aisle for the 
right kind to accompany them 
(it HAS to be pappardelle - the ragù sticks to the
broad ribbons beautifully).

I guess this is what you could call Italian 'fast food' - 
simply empty the jar into a pan, heat & stir, add
the boiled pasta, stir until coated and then serve.

Add a sprinkling of parmigiano reggiano & pepe nero
and 'ecco li qua'....

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