Friday 14 February 2014

A Valentine's Day Memento

We got engaged on Valentine's Day, way back in 1982,
so we ALWAYS make an effort to celebrate it.

Today I decided I'd like to celebrate by
taking a picnic to the beach, so we
headed south & ended up at the
pebble beach on the edge of Pioppi.

The sky was an incredible shade of blue,
the sea was that glacial turquoise you only 
see in Winter & although it was a little breezy,
the warm sun meant we didn't need our jackets.

We munched on prosciutto cotto, mozzarella,
pomodorini, pane & patatine as we listened to
the waves kissing the shore.
In all, it was sheer bliss.

As we were about to leave, I decided to hunt
for a pebble to take home as a memento......

How perfect was this? 

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