Wednesday 19 February 2014

And She's Back

At the beginning of the month I wrote about
my 'Twitter sister' disappearing & breaking off
all contact with me 

On Valentine's day she suddenly reappeared in my
TL & proceeded to issue a warning about
unsolicited DMs & naming one particular guy
who had 'played her'. 
I retweeted her tweets as I'm a firm believer
in 'naming & shaming'.

It then became apparent that she'd opened a new
Twitter account & was being very selective about
who she followed or asked to follow her.
I was not invited, but it was obvious that 
she was watching my TL as she retweeted &
favourited several of my tweets over the weekend.

She did eventually follow me on Sunday evening, but
I didn't follow back & after about 45 minutes
she unfollowed me.

Then yesterday morning I e-mailed her, just to say
that I'd told her right from the start that I thought
the guy in question 'was an arse', told her I
missed her & sent her a virtual hug.
I didn't expect a reply, but I got one & she
asked me to follow her back, which I did......
but I'm still not sure how I really feel about
being 'dropped'

1 comment:

  1. For what it's worth, I would suggest not taking it all too seriously.
    Yes, you can like her. Yes you can follow her but don't get hung up on whether she follows you or not. In the big shceme of things, is it really so important?
    For me, Twitter, Facebook and the like are little better than a nursery school playground. In fact, on that point you make me want to write a post ......... ;-)
    I don't care who follows me and who doesn't. It's up to them. There was opne person who followed me (and then I followed her) but I absolutely HATE most of the things she writes so I was very releived when I found she had unfollowed me so I could unfollow her back :-D
    Other than that, I really don't care. I have the real world to worry about, after all!