Sunday 11 May 2014

Not Good Enough For Gucci?

I have loved the Gucci Bug ever since hubby
bought me the exquisite pink keyring as an anniversary present
in August 2005.

'Bug' has gone everywhere with me ever since - I don't
use her as a keyring, I clip her to whichever handbag I am
using that day. 

When I subsequently discovered that Gucci also sold
pink Bug sandals, they became the most coveted 
item on my wishlist.

10 months later we were in Porto Cervo, where 
there just happens to be a Gucci shop.
We were browsing when I suddenly let
out a squeal of excitement - they had a pair
of said Bug sandals on display.
The male assistant asked if I was OK & 
when I said that I would like to try on the bug sandals
if they had them in my size, he called to a female
assistant who was in the stockroom.
She popped her head round the door,
snootily looked me up & down and refused
to come out to serve me......
I obviously didn't look 'moneyed' enough
to her and she probably thought I wouldn't 
actually buy anything.

12 months later, we paid a return visit.
I was wearing my Gucci watch, my Gucci sunglasses
& my beloved Bug sandals.....
the same assistant practically fell over herself to serve me

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