Tuesday 29 April 2014

Two Brits, Two Friends & A Couple of Carabinieri

29th April 2011 is, of course, remembered by most
as being the day of William & Kate's wedding.

It was the hottest day of the year so far here in
the Cilento and we had 9 cubic metres of 
gravel to spread on what we were trying
to turn into our front garden.
Our friends Silvia & Angelo had come
up to help make the task a little easier.

Whilst we were all out there, we kept hearing a 
loud noise, one which hubby & I had heard 
intermittently over the past couple of days;
it sounded like scaffolding being offloaded.
But Angelo & hubby soon agreed that
it was more likely to be rocks or stones being loaded
onto a truck, and there was a HUGE pile of
same lying at the side of Sven & Helle's
house, which they were hoping to use for
their terraces & drystone walls as work on
their holiday home progressed.

This pile was a third bigger before the theft
Hubby & Angelo walked up the mountain 
to investigate...there was a red truck on 
Sven & Helle's driveway with 2 guys 
throwing stones into the back of it.
All four of us walked down to 
the end of our driveway to look out 
for the truck as it came back down the mountain,
we smiled at the guys as they drove past, then
promptly ran back up to the house memorising
the licence plate number as Silvia made a 
call to the Carabinieri.

20 minutes later a Carabinieri Jeep headed
full pelt up our second driveway.....
a plainclothes guy leapt out almost before
it came to a halt, brandishing his pistol; the 
uniformed guy got out more cautiously,
machine gun in hand (OK, 'machine gun' may not be
the technical term, but I'm female, I don't have a clue
when it comes to guns).
It was one of those 'surreal' moments
that I usually read about in books by other expats.

"Who called us?" asked the plain clothes guy.
"Me" replied Silvia. 
"But the number you phoned from is registered
to a male not a female" (shades of 'Big Brother is
watching you' going on here).
"Yes, it's my boyfriend's 'phone".
"OK, what did you see, where did it happen, are they
still up there?"
"2 guys stealing stones from the Danish house
up the mountain, and no, they were gone
before we made the call. But we do have
the licence plate number"
"OK, we'll go take a look. We'll ring & let you know
what we find"

And a few days later they did - the son of the
builder Sven & Helle were using had taken them
to start another project elsewhere and "was terribly sorry,
but he didn't know it was wrong and didn't think
anyone would notice them missing from such a huge pile"

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