Wednesday 18 September 2013

Things I'll Miss

Clouds bask in the evening sun
My suitcase is packed (almost); we have been into town so that I 
could have a deliciously creamy gelato from Baffo, 
had a walk by the sea and watched the sunset 
from our terrace. And it's the last time we'll do this 
together for over a week. Tomorrow we have an early start 
to drive the 2 hours to Naples airport for me to catch
the 10.25 am flight to Stansted. 

And I am going miss so many things in the week I'm away:
hubby (obviously), waking up at silly o'clock & watching the
new day dawn as I drink a cuppa,

Cilento dawn
seeing the sun rise above the mountain behind Il Sogno,

Sunrise, sunrise

having a sea view in 2 directions and being able to hear the
waves crashing onto the shore on wild & windy days
(yes, even in summer we have rough seas - the
past couple of days have seen the red flags out on
all the beaches).

Carry me down to the sea

And although I'll miss hubby the most, I will miss Il Sogno, the 
place I have finally come to love as 'home'.

Il Sogno sunset

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