Sunday 29 September 2013

Spoils From My Trip

Additions to my CD collection

Whenever I go back to the UK, I always have a 'mental shopping 
list' - things we either can't get here or are too expensive
to buy in Italy. Last week's trip was no exception, but
I had the added bonus of having belated Christmas & 
birthday pressies to pack in my suitcase for my return home.

Apart from my Boots No 7 moisturiser, Efalex tablets &
Brabantia bin bags - essentials I find it hard to live without -
the things I love to buy most are books & CDs.
Luckily, I had a pile of books sitting at Dad's
that had been too heavy for me to bring back with
all the other Christmas pressies last December, so 
I only bought one book & that wasn't until I
was at Stansted awaiting my return flight.

Most of my spending was on CDs: 5 of
them, all at once, something I've never 
done before. And I played all of them on
my first day back home - ALL of them.
A day without music is a day without sunshine
as far as I'm concerned.
And my choices? Birdy - Fire Within;
Goldfrapp - Tales of Us; Ellie Goulding - Halcyon Days;
Kodaline - In A Perfect World; 
UB40 - Getting Over The Storm.
Yes, I know there's a Lykke Li 2 CD set in the photo -
that's my belated birthday pressie from my Dad &
I'm playing Youth Novels as I type this blog post.
I haven't been disappointed with any of them - I LOVE
great music.

More for the bookcase
And the pile of books? A couple of 'chick lit' novels from
my favourites, Adele Parks & Marian Keyes; Hilary Mantel's 
Bring Up The Bodies and Emma Donoghue's The Sealed Letter.
I am currently reading my airport buy - Jane Green's
Tempting Fate - 150 pages read in just a couple of hours
on the beach yesterday afternoon, so I'll probably finish it
this afternoon.


  1. I love that Ellie Goulding album too! :D

  2. I presume you've read Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel first?

    1. No - does that mean I can't read Bring Up The Bodies until I've got my hands on a copy of Wolf Hall?

    2. No, you CAN read it - it's just that reading Wolf Hall afterwards may not be so good. Also, you won't have quite the same flavour of how he got to that position.