Monday 28 September 2015

Missed it!

Social media was full of talk about the impending Supermoon
& lunar eclipse,
set to produce a spectacular Blood Moon.
Although the atmosphere has been a bit hazy of late,
meaning clarity on my moon shots was somewhat lacking,  
yesterday morning seemed much clearer 
and those Italian blue skies held the promise 
of some better captures overnight.
But, as we drove back home after lunch,
hubby commented on the clouds that
now floated above Leila's Mountain. 
And I knew they weren't going to 
disappear anywhere fast.

So I had to settle for some shots of
an over bright moon between the few breaks
 in the cloud, of which this one - taken at 23:05:56 -
is my favourite......

    I'm hoping for clearer skies in 2033

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