Monday 11 May 2015

Il Veliero

Il Veliero

Hubby announced last Friday that we wouldn't be
going to La Torretta for lunch on Saturday, 
but would go out for Sunday lunch instead,
although he hadn't decided where we'd
be dining.
Come Sunday morning, we both decided we'd
like to head to Acciaroli & try Il Veliero
- The Dawn Treader - overlooking the port;
it's rated the best place to eat in Acciaroli on TripAdvisor & came recommended by our butcher.
We booked a table for 1 pm, which gave us an hour 
to wander around the port, sit & enjoy a coffee and
take a few photographs before eating. 

We were, as ever, first to arrive and were given 
the choice of any of half a dozen tables. Duly seated & handed the menu, we discussed which starter
we'd like to share (not because we're trying to 'eat on the cheap', but simply because we still can't manage to eat Italian style).

We settled on Parmigiana alla Spada,  
and when it arrived, we were glad we'd chosen to 
share it - it was a good size & rather filling,
and very flavoursome too.

For 'il primo' hubby chose Spaghetti con Vongole
& I opted for Nero - Black Spaghetti with Shark -
we decided on a side order of Zucchine, but, as is 'the norm' here, this wasn't brought to the table
until our primi piatti had been cleared.

My 'Nero' - the flavours were just awesome

Unfortunately, when they brought our dishes, they'd got hubby's order wrong & tried to tell him he'd ordered Spaghetti con Gamberetti,
but they were quite apologetic when they realised 
that they were wrong. 
When it eventually arrived, it looked
absolutely delicious. 

Freshly caught vongole are just so tasty

And the wine to accompany such a 'mouthgasmic' meal? 
An excellent Trentenare 2013 Fiano di Paestum - 
 I love how we have so many local wines
on offer

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