Thursday 19 June 2014

The Unexpected Tweep Meet

At 11.54 am my Samsung Galaxy Note 3
whistled to let me know I had a DM.
It was from one of my Italian 'tweeps', Pino, 
who lives in Rome.
"Ciao Ali come stai?"
I was about to reply when another DM arrived....
and I let out a rather loud squeal
of delight.....Pino was working in Salerno
& wanted to know if hubby & I would like to 
meet for an afternoon coffee.
Silly question!

Pino is every bit as fab as I'd ever imagined
We always knew we'd hit it off when we eventually
got to meet....and we did.....and I'm still grinning

Pino & Hubby
Yours truly & Pino
Can't wait for our trip to Rome next month, 
and the chance to meet up again!

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