Tuesday 17 December 2013

The Twelve Days Pre-Christmas - A Tale Of My Trip To The UK

On the first day pre-Christmas I got to Naples Airport &
suddenly realised I'd left my phone charger at home. 
Needless to say, my phone decided to switch 
itself on during the flight & the battery was almost
dead by the time I got to my Dad's house.

Sunrise as viewed from my childhood bedroom 
On the second day pre-Christmas I was greeted by a
beautiful sunrise, which compensated for the
sleepless night. My insomnia doesn't improve any
even after 9 hours of travelling. That evening I
went to see our grandchildren and Alfie greeted me with his
usual beaming smile & a chorus of "Ali, Ali, Ali"
(I am known as Nanali & hubby is Grumps).

On the third day pre-Christmas I spent the day in the office
ordering Christmas hampers for customers from 
Melton's renowned Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe.

On the fourth day pre-Christmas it was our son's birthday - 
was it really 34 years since my 'Blue Peter baby' made
his grand entrance into the world?
It was also the day I had a fab lunch at
Carluccio's in Leicester with our Princess Flik -
Arancini, Lobster Lasagna & Sicani Bianco,
all absolutely divine!

On the fifth day pre-Christmas I spent most of the day
reading the Sunday Times before walking round to our
son's house to help out with the bedtime routine for
Megan & Alfie.

On the sixth day pre-Christmas it was another day in the
office followed by an evening with our son & his family.
More of the same followed on the seventh day,
& then on the eighth day I was finally able to go pick up the
company pool Golf. Yay! I had wheels at last!

On the ninth day pre-Christmas my euphoria at finally
having wheels of my own was short-lived -
one of the guys in the office needed to go see a
customer & wanted the car overnight. My
plans of going to see one of my friends who lives out
in the sticks were quashed.

The tenth day pre-Christmas was Friday the 13th -
the day the Coca Cola Christmas Truck was in
Leicester.  I'd been so excited when I'd read on Twitter
that it would be in the Highcross whilst I was back in the UK.
I snuck off from work at lunchtime to see it.
That evening was our office Christmas meal at
Barceloneta, a very popular tapas bar & restaurant.

Eleventh day pre-Christmas & I could do as I pleased; chance to
get the final round of Christmas shopping done, have another lunch
at Carluccio's (albeit solo this time), plus call in
on some friends on the way back from town.

Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Parmesan Foam & Truffle Essence
And the twelfth day pre-Christmas was spent in a frenzy of
gift wrapping before meeting the In-Laws for lunch at their
usual Sunday haunt, the Grey Lady, where I managed to
'mix it' by having an Italian main course followed
by Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce & Ice Cream...
it was delicious!

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