Monday 11 November 2013

First Pick

Until we rented Villa Caterina in October 2010, 
I'd never even thought about having a mandarin tree in the garden.
However, there was one in the garden of Il Cenito 
(Villa Caterina stands in the grounds) & 
Caterina had told us we could pick fruit from it
as we wished. So whenever I went to hang 
out the washing, I'd pick a couple of mandarins for
the fruit bowl. 

Mandy, our mandarin tree (yes, our trees have names)
Once Caterina realised this she promptly sent her gardener round 
to pick all of the fruit from the tree - lesson learned: never
believe anything a southern Italian tells you, they 
rarely mean it.

Il Sogno already had a peach tree, a couple of nectarines
& a persimmon, but no mandarin, so the purchase
of Mandy in 2011 was made with considerable excitement.
She's only about a metre tall but this year's
fruit are looking good.
And today, a couple were ready for picking....
so we did.

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